Thursday, February 9, 2012

Standard Approach to Reconciling Your JD Edwards Inventory Series - Part Two

JDE Inventory Integrity Process Cont'd

}Reports should be run nightly on a scheduler in sequence
}R41542 As-Of Update
}R41544 Item Balance to Ledger Integrity
}R41543 Cardex to General Ledger Integrity
}This process identifies the variances – You have to solve them!

Implementation Challenges!
}After populating As-Of and running these reports, you may find it
   difficult to understand the results.  Many factors will impact the
   usability of these reports
}Have you implemented all SARS for the process?
}Is As-Of populated correctly?
}Are your AAIs set up correctly?
}Does your configuration require modifications to the standard integrity reports?
}Are all of your inventory processes implemented to ensure consistency?

}Log into to My Oracle Support and perform a search on both
   the R41543 and the R41544
} Ensure that you have downloaded any SARS that directly
   impact the accuracy of these reports
Populating As OF
 }Initial build of As-Of can be time consuming
}R41542 - As Of Generation summarizes Cardex activity in the
   As Of Table by month
}On your first pass you will want to select the following
   processing options:
¨Processing Options:
¨Regenerate = 1
¨Completion Report = 1
¨Data Selection: 1/1/xx to 12/31/xx
}On subsequent passes select following processing options
¨Processing Options:
¨Regenerate = Blank
¨Completion Report = 1
¨Data Selection: 1/1/xy to 12/31/xy
}R41548 – As Of Update creates starting balances for each year
}Run this program after each year created with R41542
}Processing Option: Specify Year for which you are creating
   starting balances

¨Will delete all records in As OF if you enter the wrong  processing option
¨Should be run for Jan 1 through Dec 31 for each year
¨Should be run after each run of R41542 to create starting balances in the As Of table for each subsequent year
¨Specify the year for which you are creating starting balances when you run this program
}Cardex Changes:
¨If records have been deleted from the Cardex, you will not get correct balances in As Of
¨If you have used  Direct As Of Data Entry (P41112A) in the past to fix As Of, you will need to make those same changes after building the effected year
}Other changes 
¨If you have mane any changes to your primary unit of measure for an item, you will have issues
¨If you are missing any conversion factors back to the primary UOM for an item, you will have issues

This concludes part two of this series.  Stay tuned for part three.

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